Our Missionaries

Allen Ambrocio to the Philippines

Ben Andrews to Papau New Guinea

Alberto Aviles to Guadalajara, Mexico

Wesley Beckner to Brazil, South America (Jews and Gentiles)

Marvelous Grace Girls' Academy Florida, USA

David Bolos to Peru, South America

Mickey Cofer to Mongolia

Sal Galioto to Sicily, Italy

Travis Harris to Belgium

Michael Mandeville Jews and Gentiles, USA

Gil Massengill Wayfarer Ministries Jews and Gentiles

David Middlebrooks to Honduras, Central America

Carl Miller to Scotland

Clayton Morris to Romania

Paul Morrow to Guatemala, Central America

Rodney Myers to Tanzania, Africa

Delora Neese (retired-40 years) to Venezuela, South America

Joe Snyder (retired) to Bolivia

Ronnie Tabbs to Vermont, USA and Canadian Border

Jerry Thomas to Costa Rica, Central America

Carl Vonnoh BIMI/CLAIM

Israel Warren to Alaska, USA and it's youth

Patrick Weimer to Iceland

Frank Wells to Congo, Africa

Timothy Lewis to Papua New Guinea



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